5 Remarkable Tourism Festivals Hosted in Assam

Explore the tourism festivals hosted in Assam, their timings and locations, and the activities that attract tourists from around the world.

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Tourism festivals play a vital role in fostering inbound tourism through engaging activities that highlight the essence of a place. It helps to enhance the tourist attraction and compels visitors from around the world to visit the place.

When it comes to culture, Assam is one of the Indian states well-known for its rich cultural heritage and the deep-rooted connections people in Assam maintain with their traditions. This image of Assam is one of the major reasons that makes Assam a unique tourism destination in India for domestic and international tourists.

Be it adventure tourism, cultural tourism, or spiritual tourism, the natural and social diversity of Assam makes it a fascinating destination for travel enthusiasts.

Tourism Festivals in Assam: Representational Image

Assam is a tourism hotspot in northeastern India, and a lot of development is still underway to uplift the tourism industry. To promote inbound tourism, the Government of Assam organises a variety of tourism festivals throughout the year to celebrate both its vibrant culture and natural beauty.

This article is to highlight the major tourism festivals hosted in Assam by the government of Assam or other organisations that have been stimulating events over the years to attract inbound tourists.

Top 5 remarkable tourism festivals hosted in Assam

1. Brahmaputra Beach Festival

The Brahmaputra Beach Carnival is a beach festival full of adventurous activities to engage in. The Assam Boat Racing and Rowing Association (ABRRA) in Guwahati, in collaboration with the Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC), organises this festival to promote the indigenous culture, crafts, and sports of Assam.

It is celebrated in January of each year on the beach of Brahmaputra. Some of the thrilling activities to participate in are elephant races, egg breaking, cock fighting, water rafting, canoeing, paragliding, hang gliding, etc. Moreover, the festival is dotted with a lot of stalls selling traditional handicrafts and foods.

2. Dihing-Patkai Festival

Since 2002, the Government of Assam has annually organised the Dihing-Patkai festival in January to pay their gratitude towards the natural deities responsible for Assam’s wildlife and natural wonders. The venue of the festival is the tea town of Lekhapani, situated in the Tinsukia District.

The indigenous communities of the state actively take part in the festival by performing their traditional dance and music forms. The festival includes a tour of tea gardens, Digboi Oil Field and refinery, 75-year-old World War II cemeteries, and a trip to Stilwell Road, a former passage to the golden land of Myanmar.

The festival is known for its adventurous sports, including angling, kayaking, and parasailing, and features a food festival and craft fair. Also, visitors can pay a visit to the beautiful wilderness by going on elephant safaris.

3. Kaziranga Elephant Festival

The Kaziranga Elephant Festival is a unique three-day festival to promote eco-tourism, raise awareness about the protection of Asian elephants, and highlight the co-existence of elephants and humans in harmony. The festival is organized by the Government of Assam in collaboration with the Forest Department and Tourism Department in February every year. This is one of the oldest tourism festivals celebrated in Assam, mainly to enlighten man-elephant bonding.

The festival is set against the stunning backdrop of Kaziranga National Park, where the elephants are meticulously groomed and adorned. People from different corners attend the festival to experience the enchanting view of grand processions, featuring thousands of elephants accompanied by troupes beating drums and cymbals. The domestic elephants participate in dancing, parades, races, and football.

4. Majuli Raas Mahotsav (Festival)

Majuli Raas Mahotsav is one of the popular festivals in Assam, celebrated in October-November (Kati-Aghun month) that pays homage to Lord Krishna on the river island Majuli. It begins on Raas Purnima Day in November.

The festival’s highlight is Raas Leela, which portrays Krishna’s life through dramas, puppet shows, folk dances, and music natively known as Bhauna. The artists who get involved in the Raas Leela wear elaborate costumes and makeup depicting mythological characters.

The event also features a food festival with traditional Assamese cuisine. Festival activities encompass pottery, mask-making, and boat-making. Majuli’s centuries-old Vaishnavite Satras warmly welcome visitors to join the cultural tapestry.

Although Majuli Raas Mahotsav is a traditional festival that has been celebrated over the decades, in recent years it has gained attention as one of the tourism festivals. Krishna devotees, pilgrims, and tourists come to celebrate Krishna’s life and honour Vaishnavite customs during the festival. It is now one of the most popular tourism festivals in Assam.

5. Assam Tea Festival

Talking about tourism festivals in Assam and not mentioning the Tea Festival will be a major miss. The Assam Tourism Department annually hosts the Tea Festival in Jorhat every year in February. This festival commemorates the significance of tea for Assam and its role in boosting the national economy.

Tea lovers from various regions attend, savouring traditional delicacies and diverse tea flavours, including Assam, white, green, and oolong teas. Cultural performances by tea tribes and other communities enrich the festival.

Activities like jungle safaris, angling, river rafting, guided tea garden tours, visits to the world’s third-largest golf course, and romantic river cruises enhance the experience. Furthermore, attendees can also explore the Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Gazpur, the Shiva temple, and the Cinnamora Tea Estate situated in Jorhat.

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