Top 5 Booming IT Companies in Guwahati, Assam (2024)

IT companies in Guwahati? Are there any IT companies in Assam? The answer is yes. There are IT companies in Assam, and most of them are based in Guwahati.

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As Assam is growing, a new revolution is underway in the tech sector. The techies of Assam are utilising new trends in technology to build a tech infrastructure in the state.

Digital marketing, IT products and services, design, and creative services are some of the major fields in which Assamese technologists and entrepreneurs have been successful so far in establishing sustainable businesses.

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This article is to spotlight the fastest-growing IT startups and businesses that are primarily based in Guwahati.

Fastest growing IT companies in Guwahati, Assam

1. Zaloni

Zaloni is a data management company started and co-founded by two Assamese engineers, Ben Sharma and Bijoy Bora, respectively. Their headquarters are in Durham, USA, and they also have an office in Christian Basti, Guwahati. Zaloni provides specialised software products and services for big data, enterprise infrastructure, and analytics solutions.

Started back in 2007, Zaloni is now the most successful IT company started by an Assamese. Their services and products are used by various clients across the globe and are expanding deliberately in the data management domain.

2. Techvariable

Founded in 2015, Techvariable is the first IT company rooted in Guwahati that provides software solutions to the health-tech industry. Teachavriable utilises artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to provide state-of-the art healthcare software services.

Started by Assamese entrepreneur Nilotpal Boruah, Techvariable is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Guwahati. With a team of 75+ tech enthusiasts, they have been successful so far in engaging clients from different countries, especially the USA and the Middle East. The head office is located in Chandmari, Guwahati, while they have satellite offices in Dubai and New York.

3. Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle is a product-based IT company from Guwahati, founded in 2010. Their main product is an employee engagement software named Vantage Circle. The product has been used by 700+ global companies, helping 2 million users.

Located in Six Mile, Guwahati, they serve clients in 16+ foreign languages, while the employees mostly communicate in Assamese within themselves.

Undeniably, Vantage Circle is one of the most successful IT companies in Guwahati and a trustworthy organisation helping Assamese IT professionals with a promising career in the sector.

4. Alegra Labs

Alegra Labs is an IT service and consulting company founded in 2016 by an Assamese entrepreneur. From their headquarters in Adabari, Guwahati, they operate in multiple countries. They have multiple offices, one in Ettlingen, Germany, and one in Swanscombe, London, United Kingdom.

Alegra Labs is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Guwahati and specialises in computer programming, web applications, and mobile apps. Adapting to the new age of technologies, they also focus on artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing.

5. Borgos Technologies

Borgos Technologies is a software company whose initial operation was started from Bangalore headquarter. They have a client office in Six Mile, Guwahati and one in Medway, USA.

It was co-founded by Assamese entrepreneur Binoy Krishna Medhi in 2018, aiming to provide state-of-the-art IT services in cloud computing, DevOps, big data, data science, IoT, AI-ML services, software and mobile application development, and digital media marketing with a passion to give the best to the clients.


There are also several other IT companies in Guwahati, either in the startup phase or the scaling phase. With the flow of general development in Guwahati city, home-grown IT startups are creating a new stream in the economy of Assam.

In this article, we mentioned the top 5 IT companies in Guwahati, and our analysis is thoroughly based on the market analysis and the quality of services they are providing. In the coming days, the list may change, and we will be happy to cover more about IT companies in Guwahati.

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