7 Remarkable Assamese Films That Were Praised Globally

Stories of normal people presented in the most stunning way. These Assamese films will take you on a ride through the most human emotions and gentle affairs.

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There are certain movies that have a great impact on our lives. Cinema is not only considered a source of entertainment but also a medium to connect with people all around the globe, and these Assamese movies have managed to capture the essence of all the raw human emotions and present them in the most beautiful form of art.

From critically acclaimed award-winning gems to heartfelt comfort movies loved by audiences, Assamese films have maintained their authenticity over the years. From highlighting the simple lives of normal people to the depths of the human psyche, these movies show a brilliant way of storytelling praised all around the world.

Here are 7 Assamese films that shined globally

1. Kothanodi (2015)

Intriguing tales of Assamese folklore about four mothers in an eerie background were compiled into a movie in an enchanting way. This Assamese film was released in 2015 as an adaptation of the book “Burhi Aair Sadhu” written by the renowned poet and author Lakshminath Bezbarua.

The four tales of different women fighting the evils of society along with their inner demons. It throws light on the raw emotions like greed, love, and the orthodox societal dogmas attached to the old Assamese society.

Kothanodi, Bhaskar Hazarika’s impressive feature film debut, transforms the Assamese folktale’s magic realism into something sinister. Starring a very talented cast like Adil Hussain, Urmila Mahanta, Jerifa Wahid, Kapil Bora, and Seema Biswas.

Jerifa Wahid was globally praised for her stunning role as a schizophrenic mother, and this Assamese movie grabbed the National Film Award for best feature film in Assamese in 2016 and was nominated for the Indian International Cinema Award at the Panchajanyam International Film Festival.

2. Village Rockstars (2017)

A feel-good, comfort movie written, directed, and co-produced by Rima Das, Village Rockstars tells the story of a cute little aspiring musician with big dreams.

It is a simple Assamese film with a beautiful and heartwarming plot. We live and sing along with the 10-year-old protagonist, Dhunu, and the brilliant storytelling and stunning visuals that bring the life-like pictures of a village life to the screen made this movie shine globally.

Village Rockstars touches on the themes of gender norms, friendship, dreams, and innocence. It is even compared to “The Florida Project” by some critics.

Starring Bhanita Das as Dhunu, she has won the award for Best Child Artist at the 2018 National Film Awards for her remarkable natural acting.

The beautiful Assamese film was released in Hindi and Assamese and won the title of Best Feature Film at the 2018 National Film Awards, along with their other achievements.

3. Maj Rati Keteki (2017)

An Assamese drama film written and directed by Santwana Bordoloi It has an IMDb rating of 7.8 and has been recognized all over the world.

A feeling of the written word, handcrafted with feelings that seem to be sparked only by strongly felt retrospect, is evoked by the film’s narrative’s gradual development, its specific prediction of character arcs, and its observant detailing.

Starring Adil Hussain as a writer who visits his old place years later, all the nostalgic feelings come lingering along with a touch of melancholy. This movie is deep with raw and humane emotions.

Hussain has won the National Film Award for Special Mention (feature film) at the 64th National Film Awards for the Assamese movie Maj Rati Keteki.

4. Bulbul can Sing (2018)

Bulbul Can sing: Assamese film won global award

Rima Das makes her comeback with yet another beautiful, charming, and bold piece. She has an essence of her own, which can be observed in her movies. Natural, coming-of-age, and filled with pure emotions. She has a way to present simplicity in the most visually aesthetic way.

Like Village Rockstars, Bulbul Can Sing is firmly ingrained in the routines of rural Assam. This Assamese film tells the tale of three teenagers and breaks the stereotypical barriers of moral policing and patriarchy. It also explores the themes of sexuality, which are very new to Assamese cinema.

Starring Arnali Das as Bulbul, Manoranjan Das as Suman, and several other young and talented actors in the movie, it has received widespread appreciation.

The authentic Assamese film won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Assamese at India’s 66th National Film Award.

5. Xoixobote Dhemalite: Rainbow fields (2018)

At the Treasure Coast International Film Festival in Florida, Xoixobote Dhremalite (Rainbow Fields), a deep and emotional Assamese movie directed by Bidyut Kotoky, won for best screenplay. Not only was it nominated in five categories, but it also won the best narrative feature at the Erie International Film Festival. It is the first Assamese movie to be commercially released in the US.

Xhoxobote Dhemalite is a film about children growing up in violent environments, witnessing brutality around them, and how it impacts them deeply, leaving an everlasting mark on their development. It is set in the 1980s and is set in turbulent Assam.

Starring some renowned personalities like Nipon Goswami, Victor Banerjee, Dipannita Sharma, Nakul Vaid, Naved Aslam, and several others

6. Aamis ( 2019)

A dark and romantic tale of a forbidden love affair that takes a hauntingly devastating turn

Aamis is the most popular Assamese film of recent times and has been loved by a large audience. A treat for horror lovers, this movie explores the themes of unrequited love, greed, and the dark desires of the human psyche.

When a young man and a married woman bond over their similar love of strange, unusual food, they explore some unwanted realms of their own desires, and the relationship begins to take a dark turn.

Starring the gorgeous debutant Lima Das and Arghadeep Baruah, this unusual thriller not only impressed the audience but also the critics with its brilliant storytelling and great acting.

Another masterpiece of Bhaskar Hazarika has won several awards, including best actor (Lima Das), best music for Quan Bay, and best sound design for Gautam Nair.

7. Anur : Eyes on the sunshine (2023)

With an IMDb rating of 9.3, Anur: Eyes on the Sunshine is yet another amazing composition added to the list of great Assamese movies. It is directed by Monjul Baruah and released in 2023.

Anur is a philosophical movie that explores the themes of aging, loneliness, and existentialism. It is a unique movie and different from other Assamese films. The story reveals itself with its strong character arc, where every character holds a story within. Anur is a slow-paced drama adapted from a short story by Anuradha Sharma Pujaree.

Anur wins the Best Assamese Feature Film Award at the 69th National Film Awards. With a brilliant cast like Rajat Kapoor, Boloram Das, and Udayan Duarah, this movie is praised nationally as well as internationally.


A rich medium for expressing the mundane yet extraordinary lives of Assamese people, stories that reach the soul. The above list comprises all the intricate emotions of day-to-day life, told in an artistic way. The rawness makes these movies a masterpiece in themselves.

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