How a fast food item is becoming the talk of the town.  Spiral Potato and all the buzz.

There is an age-old love affair between foodies and potato fries, but what makes this spiral potato a new sensation?

Let's see what all the hype is about

Spiral Potato

Spiral Potato

Spiral potato was introduced to the public by our viral couple Manash and Manisha Das at Dighalipukhuri, Guwahati with their mini food stall- "mm spiral potato".

Apart from these tasty spiral creations, people gather around their stall for interactive talks and, not to forget, selfie sessions!

"In the end, love will prevail ". This cute couple dreamt of a beautiful small business and embarked on this journey together as newlyweds.

Built on the foundation of love and dreams, they work hard to provide the best quality potato fries and meet the expectations of the public.

From food vloggers to families, youngsters and even people from all over Assam come to visit them and try their spiral potato once.

Not just locals, but well-known faces and celebrities are seen visiting their stall from time to time and wishing them good luck.

Apart from their tasty creations, a dedicated partnership and humble behavior attract a huge crowd. The reason for all the hype!

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