Everything you need to know about the new Assamese blockbuster movie Raghav 

Director and lead actor Jatin Bora wowed the audience with his recent hit Raghav, released on Oct 27.

The gorgeous and evergreen Nishita Goswami, captures attention with her elegant appearance and superb acting.

Raghav shares the tale of a cab driver who experiences love, heartbreak, and other deep emotions. An emotionally charged roller coaster of a film.

The most loved couple in Assamese cinema, Jatin Bora and Nishita Goswami, make a comeback with their sizzling chemistry. 

With a budget of 2.5 crore, Rahav successfully earned a collection of 1.7 crore in just 12 days of its release.

The popular choreographer Sumi Bora made her cinematic debut with Raghav and was immensely happy working with the team.

Within two months of its release, the Zubeen Garg song from the film "Silmil Tupanite" has received over 3 million views on YouTube.  

At other press events, the audience is shown cheering the cast on, delighted to see their favorite stars back on screen after a hiatus.

The stars of Raghav were often seen visiting the theaters, interacting with their fans, and clicking pictures together.

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